What do I need to borrow an e-book?

You will need a Vaski library card and a PIN code. You can get a library card in any Vaski library, just bring a valid picture ID card with you.

The easiest way to read an e-book is to read it in browser because you do not need to install or authorize applications, just sign in with your library card and PIN code. To read in browser you need internet access.

If you don’t have internet access you need to load the book in its entirety on your computer or on your mobile device. To do this you need:

  • Adobe ID, a free Adobe account, which you can create on Adobe’s website. It is needed to authorize the reader application. Create an Adobe ID here.
  • A reader application which depends on your device.

  • You can read and listen to audiobooks on a mobile device using either Libby or Ellibs applications. Simply log in with your library card number and PIN code (no need for Adobe ID).
  • You can stream Naxos Spoken Word audiobooks in browser or use the Naxos NSWL app.
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Reading applications

If you want to read the book in browser, you only need a library card and a PIN code. If you don’t have access to internet while you read, you also need to download the book. In that case you need:

When using e-books on your computer

When using e-books on mobile device

  • Download the reader application you need from an app store, depending on your device:
    Read Ellibs e-books with Ellibs' own application or Bluefire Reader application. You can listen to Ellibs audiobooks with Ellibs' own application.
  • OverDrive e-books and audiobooks can be read and listened to with the new Libby application.

When using an e-book reading device

  • You can read e-books with most reading devices by downloading the book onto your computer and then moving it to your reading device. First connect your device via USB and then open Adobe Digital Editions. You can transfer the material on to your device, which will appear in the sidebar on the left. Check Adobe’s site to ensure that your reader device is compatible.
  • For the time being Amazon Kindle devices are incompatible, as are ChromeOS devices.
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Using Ellibs on your computer

Fiction and nonfiction published in Finland in Finnish and in Swedish. A small collection of nonfiction in English and a nice collection of young adult literature.

You can browse the collection on the Ellibs page by using the arrows on both sides of the screen. Search for books by using the search box on top of the page. You can borrow a book when you see 'Lendable' below the title, and make a reservation when is says 'Bookable'. To reset the search settings press Vaski logo on the top left corner.

Screenshot of Ellibs front page

To view all audiobooks, select Audiobook (MP3) under Format just below the search box. Here you can also view and filter the results by subject, language or availability. We recommend books in EPUB format as they usually work with every device.

The loan period is 7 or 14 days. You can have up to five loans and ten reservation at a time. After the due date all e-books and audiobooks are automatically returned but you can also return a title in advance.

You can either read the book online or download it to a reader application (Adobe Digital Editions).

Screenshot, loan in Ellibs

You can make a reservation free of charge. Upon placing a hold you will be asked for an email address where you will be notified as soon as the title becomes available and the loan period starts immediately. Loans cannot be renewed but you can borrow the book again if there are no other reservations.

Screenshot, reserve in Ellibs

If you have read the book online in your browser, you will find your loans under “My bookshelf”, where you can also return a title.

Screenshot, return in Ellibs

If you have downloaded the book using Adobe Digital Editions, to return a book press the title and then choose “Return Borrowed Item”.

It is possible to change devices when reading an e-book

If you’ve opened a book on your computer, you can continue reading it in application and vice versa. Just go to your Bookshelf in either broweser or using the application, then choose the book in question and change the way to continue reading.

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Ellibs mobile application

    You can use Ellibs mobile application to search the collection as well as to borrow and to reserve books and audiobooks. It is possible to either stream or download books. It's preferable to download audiobook onto your device when listening with the application. To do this go to your Bookshelf and choose the audiobook you want to download. You can also access your Bookshelf offline. To download the application, visit your phone’s application store.

    You can find the search menu on the left upper corner and from the right upper corner you can narrow down the search results. We recommend books in EPUB format as opposed to PDF format.

    Screenshot Ellibs app search

    You can also stream Ellibs audiobooks in browser either on your computer or on mobile. In case you’re listening in browser on a mobile device, it is best to use Chrome or Firefox (Android devices) or Firefox and Safari (iOS devices).

    For reading without constant access to internet you can also download Bluefire Reader onto your device. Authorize Bluefire Reader by entering your Adobe ID. Here’s how it works: search for books on Ellibs page. When you find a book you want to borrow, choose the loan period and press Borrow. Click download and you will receive a small link file which will open the book in your reader application. Make sure you open all Ellibs books on Bluefire Reader or on Ellibs’ own application. If you have downloaded the book into your reader program and you want to return it, you can find the Return button in the application.

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Using OverDrive on your computer

Fiction and nonfiction in English and also a smaller collection in Swedish and Finnish. A large collection of young adult literature.

Search for books on the OverDrive page using the search box, or browse books by collection or subject. Scroll down the page for reading suggestions.

Screenshot, OverDrive front page

To borrow, press “Borrow” and choose a loan period (7 or 14 days). You can have up to five loans and ten reservation at a time.

Screenshot, loan in OverDrive

Pressing the download button will open the book in Adobe Digital Editions reader program and to read in browser, press “Read in browser”. You can listen to audiobooks in browser or download them by using OverDrive Media Console.

Screenshot, open your loan

E-books are returned automatically after the loan period is over but you can return a book in advance before the due date. To return at item, go to “My account”, under “Loans”, then select the title and then press “Return”.

Screenshot, return in OverDrive

If you have downloaded a book using Adobe Digital Editions, to return the book press the cover and then choose “Return Borrowed Item”.

Screenshot, return in Adobe Digital Editions

You can renew your loans three days or less before the due date if there are no other reservations. If you want to make a reservation, you will be asked for an email address and you will receive a notification when your loan is ready. The loan period starts immediately.

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Libby mobile application

If you want to read OverDrive e-books on a mobile device, you can use the new Libby app.

You need to select your library the first time you use the app. To search for a library, write Vaski in the search box and add your library card along with your PIN code. You can check your preferences regarding reservations and downloads using the menu in upper corner.


You can scroll down for suggestions or search for specific books by using the search box. Click “More” for advanced search possibilities (for example format or date).

Borrow and read

Click the book cover for details. Use the push button on the left upper corner to return to the previous page.

To borrow, press “Borrow” and choose the loan period. To make a reservation, press “Place a hold”.

Click “Shelf” to view your information, your loans and reservations. You can also renew your loans here. To return a book press “Loans”. Select the right book, press the cover and then press “Return Title to Library”. Click “Library” to return to the library’s collection.

When reading a book, touch the screen to search or leave a bookmark. Click on the menu bar on the right corner to view chapters and reading settings. By pressing the round photo of the title here you to get an overview and information on the title in question.

When listening to an e-book press the cover for options. Swipe the screen to fast forward and use the speedometer to determine the right speed. You can also use the sleep timer (change the time by swiping the crescent moon symbol).

By default, Libby downloads all loans on wi-fi but downloads are paused when wi-fi is not available. You can change these settings in download settings.

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Naxos Spoken Word

You can also stream audiobooks in English, French and German using Naxos Spoken Word. There is also small collection of titles in Portuguese. You can find these titles on Naxos’ own page.

You can listen to Naxos Spoken Word audiobooks either on your computer or on a mobile device. On a computer you can stream audiobooks (you need to have Flash enabled) and using the application you can even download and listen to them offline. There is a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books on Naxos Spoken Word Library. You can use the search tool or browse the collection for example by author, reader or language. You can either play the whole book ("Play all") or selected parts of the book ("Play Selections").

You can listen to Naxos Spoken Word for two hours after which you’re signed out automatically. You can either listen to one track at a time or select the whole book. You can place a bookmark and access them on the Bookmarks page.

Screenshot Naxos

Naxos Spoken Word mobile application

You can download the Naxos Spoken World application NSWL from your phone’s application store. To access the mobile application, sign in with this collective username and password combination:

Username: TurkuNSWL
Password: TurkuNSWL

Please notice that for the time being the application works only on iOS platform.

Screenshot, Naxos-application 1 Screenshot, Naxos-application 2

Press the Play button to begin or to resume listening.

Once you stop listening, remember to sign out or close the application so that other users may also gain access to Naxos Spoken Word.

Screenshot, Naxos-application 3 Screenshot, Naxos-application 4

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Vaski-libraries have three different e-magazine services: PressReader which allows remote access, as well as ePress and eMagz which can only be used in the library.


You can read PressReader’s newspapers and magazines either on a computer in browser or with a mobile device using the PressReader application. PressReader is on automatically when you use the library’s computer or the library’s wi-fi but outside the library you can log in with your library card and pin code.

Screenshot PressReader 2

Press “Sign In” on the top right corner and then choose Library and Group. Write Vaski in the search bar and confirm, then fill in your library card number and pin code. You can view the contents by pressing “Select publication” when a HotSpot window opens. You can find the titles again from the sidebar on the top left corner, under “Publications”.

Screenshot PressReader 1

You can view the titles according to country, language, categories and publication type. You can use the search tool in the upper right corner. To open a magazine, simply click on the cover. You can either read the title in browser or download it onto your device for offline reading.

Signing in with a mobile device:

Screenshot PreaaReader mobile

Some titles have up to 90 days of back issues. The library has no way of affecting the contents of PressReader, meaning that some newspapers and magazines may come and go from time to time. You can print out pages and some titles provide a possibility to listen. Session timeout is 15 minutes if pages aren’t turned. It is best to use either Firefox or Chrome.

How to use PressReader application on a mobile device:

Download the application from your device’s app store. Remember to update the application and always use the newest version.

Using the application press “Sign In”, then press Library button (orange circle) and then from the “Select library” list pick Vaski libraries. Write your library card’s number and pin code in their proper places.

Screenshot PressReader app 1 Screenshot PressReader app 3

The appearance may slightly vary depending on whether you're using a phone or a tablet. You can find the "Sign In" button on the left, either on top or lower corner. You can browse and read newspapers and magazines and using the library’s internet, download them for later reading without an internet connection.

Screenshot Pressreader app 2

If you can’t access PressReader using the application, use browser on your computer and go to PressReader’s page, sign in with your library card number and pin code, click on your name and then “Manage account”. You need to fill in your e-mail and make up a password. Then log in using the application with your e-mail and password.

ePress and eMagz

Finnish newspapers (ePress) and magazines (eMagz) are only available for reading on the library’s computers or when using the library’s wi-fi connection.

You can change ePress’ and eMagz’s language settings at the bottom of the page but the titles are in Finnish or Swedish. If all the reading licenses are taken, you will get a notification to wait until the magazine is available for reading.

Screenshot ePress front

You can browse the collection or select a title from the alphabetical list on the upper edge. When searching for content, you can find the basic search on the first page as well as a link to an advanced search (“+” sign).

It is possible to print out a page. A good browser for reading is Chrome. Timeout is 15 minutes from a page turn with one hour max reading time. Back issues are available in general for two years (ePress) or one year (eMagz).

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Naxos music services

You can listen to e-music with the library’s Naxos services. In addition to Naxos Music Library, which specializes in classical music, there is also Naxos Jazz Music Library and Naxos World Music Library. They offer an expansive selection of music and they are easy to use! You can also create your own username and your own playlists.

Naxos services function with the same principle: you need to log in with your library card number (”Enter your library card and number”). You need to have Flash enabled. Internet access is required in order to stream music but if you use the Naxos applications, it is possible to listen to music offline.

Screenshot Naxos Music

You can choose to listen either selected tracks (choose the tracks and press "Play Selections") or the entire album (select "Select All").

If you can’t play a certain track, check with the computer’s settings that you’ve accepted pop-up windows on the Naxos page, or perhaps you need to press ctrl when choosing the track.

There is no fixed time limit to a listening session. However, you will be logged out if you haven’t used the service for an hour. Please log out after you’ve stopped listening so that the license can be used by other listeners.

Naxos applications

To use the applications, you need to create a separate account and username. In order to create a personal username and make your own playlists, you need to have a library card. Log in and then choose “Sign up” from the Playlists tab (see below for further instructions). You need to create this personal account with each service in order to use the mobile application.

How to access Naxos Music Library, Naxos Music Library Jazz and Naxos Music Library World applications:

  1. 1. Download the mobile application for iOS devices from AppStore (Naxos Music Library, Naxos Music Library Jazz and Naxos Music Library World) or for Android devices from Google Play Stores (Naxos Music Library and Naxos Music Library Jazz)
  2. 2. If you have already made a personal account, it will work with the mobile applications without the further instructions listed below
  3. 3. Log in on a computer with your library card number
  4. 4. Press ”Playlists” tab on Naxos Music Library or Naxos Music Library Jazz page
  5. 5. Press ”Sign up” and fill in the Student/member playlists form.

You will get a notification of registration in your e-mail. Follow the instructions on how to continue and press the verification link in your e-mail. Then log in to the app.

Screenshot NML app 1 Screenshot NML app 2

Press any title to begin playing the album. You should log out and close the application after you’ve stopped listening. Should it occur that you haven’t used the app for a while and then can’t log in with your personal username, you will get a notification in your e-mail. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to activate the username again.

Naxos Video Library

Streaming service where you can find videos on classical music, ballet, opera and documentaries, as well as videos on fine arts, geography and history. Log in with your library card number. You can view the videos on PC and Mac computers, with either Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers with Flash enabled. For the time being it is not possible to view the videos on mobile. You can view the collection at Naxos Video Library page.

In addition to basic and advanced search you can search for videos by category, role, composer, artist, production personnel, work, venue or festival. You can choose between standard quality or high quality for videos, as well as the parts for viewing (including Works, Movements and Chapters).

Screenshot Naxos Video

Some of the videos include subtitles (5 languages) or the libretto/text (next to the video, on the right). You may also find a libretto link on the Cast tab.

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Rockway music courses

Rockway offers online courses for playing and singing, most of them for beginners. The courses are in Finnish. Selection includes 17 courses and the loan period is 14 days.

Log in with your library card number and to log out, press “Takaisin”. The first time you log in you need to fill in your contact information. To borrow a course, press “Lainaa”. If you want to reserve a course, press ”Varaa”.

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Problem solving

Support services for e-books:

You can always check with the services' own instruction pages:

Ellibs instructions
“Send feedback” box on the top of the page
Ellibs’ own support email: support@ellibs.com

OverDrive's help page
Contact Vaski library for help: vaski.overdrive@turku.fi

If you have any trouble with e-books, try these tips:

  • If there aren't any reservations for the book, simply return the book and borrow it again.
  • It's always a good idea to clear browser cache and to try again with a different browser.
  • Often the problems with listening have to do with the device and browser. If you’re listening to an audiobook on a mobile device, it is best to borrow it with an application and download the book for offline listening from your Bookshelf. In case you’re listening in browser on a mobile device, it is best to use Chrome or Firefox (Android devices) or Firefox and Safari (iOS devices). On a computer the best browsers are either Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
  • If you're having trouble with Adobe Digital Editions, make sure that you have authorized your Adobe ID.

Good to remember:

  • Remember to update your browser and use the latest version of software.
  • For reading in browser we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox, on mobile always use the device’s default browser.
  • E-loans are card-specific and therefore you will lose your e-loans if you get a new library card.
  • E-loans are not visible on Vaski web library. You will find your loans on either Ellibs or OverDrive. The loans you see on Vaski web library are only of printed material.
  • Books are returned automatically on the due date but you can also return books in advance.

Problem solving and tips for PressReader

If you have problems with PressReader, visiting the library to renew your access to PressReader by logging in using the library’s wi-fi usually works. HotSpot needs to be active (both in browser and in application the color of the cup is green). To activate HotSpot using the application, go to settings.

Sometimes PressReader suggests making a separate account after you have already logged in with your library card. In general there is no way to go around this even though the “No, thanks” button may work on some browsers and devices.

In some instances PressReader may give this message: “This social account is already in use on PressReader for sign in. Sign out and then sign in through your social network, go to the "Manage Account" page and uncheck "Allow sign in" there.” The problem is usually solved when you clear your browser cache and cookies.

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